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Service Breakdown

Consumer Credit Restoration Program


The cost of this service is $1,500.00 USD, itemized as follows:


$150 – Administrative Fee $300 – Technology Usage Fee $150 – Postal Fee
$300 – Consumer Consulting Fee $400 – Consumer Analysis Fee $200 – Provision of Financial Literacy Resources


First, we perform a consultation for any potential client who is interested in restoring their credit profile to full health. Once the consultation has been provided, our credit analyst will direct you to our website, where you can complete our company’s client intake form and remit payment. Remember, it is very important that you complete your client intake form in its entirety.

Once your payment has been received, you will receive a receipt for your recently remitted payment.

Also, you’ll receive login credentials & welcome letter to the Level Up 700 Client Portal. Once you access the portal, for the first time, you will be asked to upload your Driver’s License, Social Security Card, & Utility Bill. These documents are needed so that the 3 major credit bureaus can verify your identity, moving forward, which will help to prevent identity theft from occurring on your credit profile.

Lastly, all clients will e-sign the Level Up 700 disclosure agreement, contracts, and a Limited Power of Attorney, authorizing Level Up 700 to dispute fraudulent items brought on by the client’s identity theft or brought on in error by creditors.

Now that you’re in our client portal, your Level Up 700 credit analyst can begin working on your file. Your analyst will send you what we call a CDR (or Credit Dispute Recommendation). This is where your analyst works with you to identify which items on your credit report are fraudulent or in error and should be disputed. Once you return your CDR, through your client dashboard in the client portal, your credit analyst will begin packaging your disputes for disbursement to the credit bureaus.

After the first round of disputes go out, your analyst will perform a 30-Day Check Up on your file to determine if a second round of disputes is necessary.

Because this aggressive credit restoration strategy could potentially restore your credit worthiness within a few short months, we encourage you to get started with us, today!

Business Credit Development Program


The cost of this service is a flat fee of $15,000.00 USD.

This service includes the following items:


Our goal is to build business credit for small U.S. based businesses. For a client to achieve what’s considered to be the highest possible business ranking, Tier-3 business status, we ensure that the business entity establishes a minimum of 10 plus vendor lines of business credit which will report to the business credit bureaus.

Step 1, we create an accurate profile with Dunn & Bradstreet and obtain a Dunns number for the business. Next, we update Business Experian, which typically takes up to 21 days.

Step 2, we create free business listings, such as 411 directory and Yellow Pages. This will provide enough comfort for lenders to increase approval ratios and credit limits, due to enabling the lenders ability to easily locate the client’s business, although the business may not have had prior credit history.

Step 3, we use our exclusive list of lenders to establish the first 2 lines of credit for the business. These lenders will provide terms with the business having little to no credit history. The client will use these business lines to trigger their business reporting to the business bureaus.

Step 4, we set up free business credit monitoring so that the client can view their business’ new credit report. Once the initial trades begin reporting, we can move on to additional lenders for new lines of credit. We continue this process until we achieve Tier 3 status; 10 plus lines of credit.

Step 5, Now that Tier 3 business status has been achieved, lenders could potentially lend in the areas of Real Estate Financing, Working Capital Loans, Business Lines of Credit, and Business Credit Cards.

And that, is how it’s done…

If you are interested in establishing Business Credit, we encourage you to contact Level Up 700, today, to get started!