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A credit report is a track record of both your personal and financial credit information. Which includes information taken from public records, personal identification and debt information

Each one of the three major credit bureaus will reflect at least one-third of your total credit history. If you are requesting a credit card, someone can look at your Equifax report and find nothing that would keep the credit card company from issuing you the card. However, they might also look at your other reports, Transunion and Experian, and find flaws in your credit file

You will fill out a Client Intake Form, and once payment is received you will receive a Welcome email with the next steps.

There is no definite answer, however normally 30-45 days including processing and mailing time to the credit bureaus.

Our credit service specialists are the only ones who will see your credit reports, however if you are applying for a job, employers may review your credit file and if you are in the process of trying to get financing on a home, auto, credit card, charge card or personal loan.

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