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2019-10-31 (1)

Once you engage our firm, we help you obtain your credit reports from the three major credit bureaus: TransUnion, Experian and Equifax. Since each client’s case is unique, we will collect specific information regarding your particular circumstances for each derogatory item in question.

Client Intake Form

The purpose of this form is to gather the information needed by Level Up 700 Inc. The purpose of the credit counseling service is for Level Up 700 Inc. to advise you, the client, as to what could be done for your credit profile, after our review. One of two outcomes is possible following the review of your consumer credit reports.
A. As a client of Level Up 700 Inc., you agree to the terms of utilizing our credit counseling service.
B. You decide not to use the services of Level Up 700 Inc.
Note: The following questions will help us to understand the reason for your consultation. Your responses are protected and will be held in strict confidence.


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*Please note: Your Username should be your Email Address;
*Please note: Your password should be your 1 st initial, last name, and your 2-digit year of birth.
Example - User: PW: jdoe78
This is required for ALL Credit Monitoring Credentials.
If account is already established, please make revisions accordingly.
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Level Up 700 Administration: Headquarted in Miami, FL Phone: 888-571-1117 Email: